Mindful Eating Group

This group incorporates DBT skills into coping with emotional eating or overeating. Participants may be seeking support for Binge Eating Disorder, may struggle with obesity, and/or may be considering bariatric surgery. It is highly recommended hat participants be connected to an individual therapist.

Every Monday 6:30-8 pm

Contact 845-339-9090 ext. 2202 for questions, and registration.

Path 2 Recovery

This professionally led support group is for individuals who identify as having an eating disorder and will offer education and support surrounding the various types of treatment. This group is ideal for individuals who struggle with restricting foods, calorie counting, or other restrictive behaviors. It is highly recommended that participants also be connected to a primary therapist. This group requires registration, and is free of charge.

Every Tuesday 6:30-8 pm

Contact 845-339-9090 ext. 2202

Eating Disorders Family Support Group

This professionally led support group is an ongoing group for friends, family members, and loved ones of persons with diagnosed eating disorders, including bulimia, Anorexia, and binge-eating disorder, or persons engaging in disordered eating. This group is open to the adult public and is free of charge

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

Contact 845-339-9090 ext. 2202 or Rita Sherry at