The Family Advocate helps connect Ulster County residents with drug and alcohol treatment services. The Advocate can educate families on available treatment options, assist with the intake process, help remove obstacles to treatment, such as, lack of insurance or insurance denials, and support families in crisis due to addiction. The Advocate provides information on 12 Step programs, counseling, medication assisted treatment and opioid overdose reversal medication (NARCAN). The Advocate is available to talk with those in contemplation of seeking treatment, those ready for treatment and families who are concerned that their loved ones might have a substance use disorder.


Monday through Friday

100 Aaron Ct.
Kingston, NY 12401

Contact Person
Carol Sutcliffe


Step One

Step One is a NYS OASAS certified outpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program that offers a range of services to adolescents and adults, including specialty programs for Co-occurring populations, as well as provides forensic evaluations for court ordered clients. Treatment is provided through individual, group, family and couple’s therapy. Step One has specialized programs to meet the individualized needs of those seeking help. Step One provides Psychiatric Services for those requiring medication and do not have their own psychiatrist. Step one's psychiatrist can also provide Suboxone, Vivitrol, Chantex, and Subutex Medication Assisted Treatment when appropriate. Every client and family member are trained in and provided with a Narcan kit. Among the programs offered include: MRT, Adolescent Program, Intensive Morning and Evening Outpatient Program, Young Adult Services, Forensic Program (Probation, Courts), Gender Specific Groups, Fase Uno (Spanish speaking), Family Program, Grief/Bereavement Group, Art Therapy, Working Sober Vocational Activities Group, Sober Relationships Group & Sober Parenting Groups.

For more information contact:


Highland Clinic
106 Vineyard Avenue
Highland, NY 12528
Phone: (845) 691-9191


Ellenville Clinic
83 North Main Street
Ellenville, NY 12428
Phone: (845) 647-5400

Helpline: 1-877-435-7410


Centers of Treatment Innovation (COTIs)

COTIs are OASAS certified providers focused on engaging people in treatment through mobile clinic services — bring treatment staff into un/underserved areas; expanding tele-practice sites; and enhanced peer outreach and engagement within the community.

Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange and Sullivan   


396 Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701      

845-794-8080 x 208        

Orange, Sullivan, Ulster



Abel House

Sober Living, housing, and treatment for substance abuse. This program offers approximately 6-9 months of sober housing.

This program is run by Rehabilitation Support Services (RSS), visit their website for information about their programs and services.

11 Overbaugh Street in Saugerties NY
Phone: (845) 246-2645


Arms Acres

Inpatient and Outpatient substance abuse treatment services for adolescents ages 12 to 18. Services include Gender-specific Rehabilitation, Detox Programs, Family Services, and the new Equine Therapy Program. Most insurances and self-pay accepted. Self-referrals are welcome.

162-bed licensed facility, providing inpatient treatment for those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. We are situated on a tranquil 54-acre site in Carmel, NY.

Inpatient substance abuse treatment program provides separate units for adolescents (12-18 yr old), adult male and female units and detoxification for adolescents and adults. Arms program is based on 12-step model integrated with CBT, Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change approach. The treatment program is multidisciplinary in scope and individualized in approach.

Treatment team includes physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, certified alcoholism and substance abuse counselors, social workers, family specialists and activities specialists. Adolescent team includes a licensed teacher, who provides the youth with daily tutorial services and communicates with the home school.

Our approach incorporates a holistic philosophy of recovery. With that in mind we have developed a Wellness program which includes swimming, weight room, yoga and acupuncture along with many other activities. An Expressive Art Therapy is utilized to help patients express themselves through alternative non-verbal methods.
Contact Eric D’Entrone, Regional Coordinator, at (646) 529-7609.
Or call the Intake Department at 1-888-227-4641.


Arms Acres
75 Seminary Hill Road
Carmel, New York 10512

Arms Acres VETERAN Substance Abuse Program

Arms Acres recognizes the many challenges Veterans and their families face when transitioning from service back to the community. Arms Acres Veteran Substance Abuse Program offers the folloqing services to America’s service men and women in a private confidential unit:

-Trauma informed Clinical Approach
-Evidence Based Therapy
Dual Diagnosis Specialization
-Seeking Safety Modality
-Equine Assisted Therapy
-Art Therapy
-Staff Trained in Military Competency
-Family Program

Phone: (888) 227-4641


Bridge Back

The Bridge Back of HealthAlliance Hudson Valley is a licensed outpatient substance abuse clinic. The Bridge Back offers comprehensive, outpatient substance abuse services to individuals, groups, and families; with several specialized service areas. Services include: Adolescent Program (ages 14-18), Adult Day Rehabilitation Program, Three Intensive Outpatient Program (AM, PM, and also in our Saugerties Clinic), Aftercare Program, Early Recovery, Early Recovery Program and Special Issues Program.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs
10 Barbarosa Lane in Kingston
& 2905-2 Route 9W in Saugerties
Phone: (845) 943-6091

Methadone Treatment Program
2 Barbarosa Lane in Kingston
Phone: (845) 943-6022

HealthAlliance Hudson Valley Inpatient Rehabilitation & Addiciton Treatment, Including Detoxification and Rehabilitation.
105 Mary’s Avenue in Kingston
Phone: (845) 334-4705


Never Alone Inc.


Never Alone is a long-term, 6-12 month, 22-bed coed inpatient program for adolescents who are chemically dependent. Never Alone is licensed by the NYS Office is Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). Separate programs for males and females are offered. Specialty areas include: individual and group therapy, family therapy, behavioral interventions, educational lectures, relapse prevention training, anger management, trauma treatment, psychiatric care, and recovery groups. Long-term residential programs and sober living supports offered.

Hours: Admissions Weekdays 9AM-5PM

Never Alone
20 Crofts Road
Hurley, New York 12443
Phone: (845) 339-4272


Samaritan Village

Residential long-term treatment (30 days or more) program and housing services for men and women struggling with addiction, military veterans, mothers and babies, families, homeless New Yorkers, and the elderly.

751 Briggs Highway in Ellenville NY
Phone: (845) 647-8006

767 Cape Road in Ellenville NY
Phone: (845) 647-6575


First Step Inpatient Detox and Drug Rehabilitation Programs

First Step is a compassionate, confidential, hospital-based medical detoxification and rehabilitation program for adults and adolescents ages 12 and older. Hospitalization provides medical management for severe alcoholism or narcotics withdrawal. The Detoxification Program features: 24 admissions, a hospital based setting, and an ability to work quickly and easily with all referral sources. The In-Patient Rehabilitation Program features: 7 day a week admissions, a hospital-based setting, direct admissions to the programs, quick and easy access to all referral services. First Step is one of the few programs of its kind that accepts pregnant women. First Step addresses special needs such as pregnancy, HIV+/AIDS, MICA, methadone maintenance, and other serious medical problems.


First Step Detoxification and Rehabilitation Programs
HealthAlliance Hospital
105 Mary’s Avenue in Kingston, NY
Phone: (845) 334-4705



RC Ward

Short-term, in-patient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program for detoxification and drug treatment services.

117 Seward Avenue in Middletown NY
Phone: (845) 341-2500



Cornerstone of Rhinebeck

In-patient detox and drug treatment program.

500 Milan Hollow Road in Rhinebeck NY
Phone: (845) 266-3481


Waryas House/Abilities First


Sober Living, housing, and substance abuse treatment for adults with disabilities.

101 Inwood Avenue in Poughkeepsie NY
Phone: (845) 452-1913


Spectrum Behavioral Health Management Services


Outpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program.

514 Haight Avenue in Poughkeepsie
Phone: (845) 485-3500


St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment and Recovery


Short-term, in-patient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program for detoxification and drug treatment services.

7 Fallkill Place in Poughkeepsie
Phone: (845) 483-7051



Villa Veritas Foundation

NYS OASAS certified short-term, in-patient Drug and Alcohol Addiciton Treatment Program for detoxification and substance abuse treatment, including the unique elderly substance abuse treatment program.

5 Ridgewood Road in Kerhonkson
Phone: (845) 626-3555


St. Christopher’s Inn

Residential, long-term treatment program and housing service for people in recovery.

21 Franciscan Way in Garrison NY
Phone: (845) 335-1101



New Hope Manor

Residential long-term treatment (30 days or more) program and housing services for people in recovery.

141 South Avenue in Poughkeepsie NY
Phone: (845) 428-8229



Dynamic Youth Community

Residential long-term treatment (30 days or more) program and housing services for people in recovery ages 15-23.

5803 Route 42 in Fallsburg NY
Phone: (845) 434-3370


Turning Point at mid hudson


Short-term (less than 30 days) in-patient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program for detoxification and substance abuse treatment. The program highlights 50 Inpatient Rehab beds, Outpatient programs, safe and supportive environment, methadone maintenance, spirituality program, transportation, and gender specific therapeutic groups, as well as focused treatment Tracks for MICA , Anger Management, and Early Recovery/Relapse Prevention.

241 North Road in Poughkeepsie NY
Phone: (845) 483-5511


Conifer Park

Private residential chemical dependency treatment facility situated on 32 wooded acres. Easily accessible from all major cities in the Northeast, the facility offers comprehensive services for the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse in a beautiful, tranquil setting conducive to recovery. Conifer Park provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation for adolescents with a treatment program designed to explore the relationship between substance abuse and emotional/behavior problems inherent to adolescents. The programming is highly structured to foster both positive peer support and provide a safe therapeutic milieu in which each patient can address emotional and behavioral changes necessary to promote and maintain recovery. Treatment also focuses on addressing the impact of chemical dependency on the family system. During the school year, a strong tutorial component maintains a vital link between the treatment professionals and school personnel to maintain consistency throughout the adolescent’s treatment and to facilitate successful re-entry back into the school environment. Conifer Park’s Adolescent treatment approach utilizes Motivational Enhancement and Cognitive Behavioral therapies. Length of stay is based upon clinical need and health care benefits, allowing some adolescents to stay up to 42 days in treatment at needed. Families are also encouraged to attend the one-day Family Program in order to assist them in the recovery process.


eFax: 518-691-9317
Medical Records: 518-952-8278

Conifer Park
79 Glenridge Road
Glenville, NY 12392


Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers & Sober Living

Now a part of Mental Health American Dutchess,

Chemical Dependency Crisis Center

51 Cannon Street in Poughkeepsie NY
Phone: (845) 471-0310


Phoenix House

Residential, long-term treatment program and housing service for people in recovery.

3151 Stoney Street in Shrub Oak NY
Phone: (888) 671-9392


Veterans Affairs Health Care Upstate NY

Coordination of Veteran care including alcohol and substance abuse evaluation, relapse prevention, 12-Step Approaches, counseling, quitting tobacco program, medications to reduce cravings, and residential treatment.

113 Holland Avenue in Albany NY, Building 67
Phone: (518) 626-5386


Day Top Village Inc.

Residential, long-term treatment program and housing service for people in recovery.

43 Fox Hollow Road in Rhinebeck NY
(845) 876-5400


Dutchess County Stabilization Center


Are you in need of urgent care for your addiction or mental health? Receive immediate and free care at the Dutchess County Stabilization Center.

230 North Rd, Poughkeepsie



Stratton VA Medical Center


Serving Veterans and community members 18 years of age or older who are experiencing intoxication, mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, or a situational crisis due to withdrawal. Patients must be medically and psychologically sub-acute and able to perform their own activities for daily living (ADLs).

113 Holland Avenue in Albany NY, Unit 7D
Phone: (518) 689-3094