Kingston Hospital Emergency Department

Kingston Hospital has two departments and a highly-trained team of professionals ready to handle any emergency. The ED Express is open 11am to 11pm every day to handle smaller emergencies, such as allergic reactions, minor cuts and bruises, earaches and sprains. The ED Express is on our main floor and can be reached by calling 845-334-2890. For major emergencies, such as accidents, heart attacks, and trauma, our Emergency Department is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a staff of doctors, nurses, physician assistants and technologists all trained in the field of emergency medicine. The goal of both departments is to treat you as quickly as possible with the best standard of care. Our promise to you is that any person with an emergent medical need, regardless of age, race, medical status, spiritual belief, sexual orientation, or ability to pay – will be treated with the same excellent care.

Emergency Mental Health Services
7 days/Week, 24 hours/Day
Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley
Kingston Hospital, 396 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 334-4244


Four Winds Hospital

We provide the highest quality specialized inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment for a full range of psychiatric and substance abuse disorders for children, adolescents and adults. In addition to inpatient services, triage, consultation and referral services, Four Winds offers outpatient partial hospitalization programs for children, adolescents and adults. All treatment is patient-centered, and conducted in a caring, compassionate and safe environment that recognizes the dignity and strength of each individual. We provide treatment that is guided by a continuing process of assessment and improvement.

There is an on-site school, family support, collaboration with community providers, case management and education regarding lifelong coping skills. Referrals can be made by providers, family members, or self-referral. We accept voluntary and involuntary admissions.

Contact: Sherrill Silver, Community Liason at 1-800-528-6624 ext. 2043

Four Winds Hospital
800 Cross River Road
Katonah, NY 10536